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We would like to dedicate a huge thank you to all our human family members and 1 furry family member who is our star - who make Your Pooch n' Mine a huge success throughout the year.  Every member loves and adores every pet whether walking or playing with them.  They give what comes naturally in providing love, attention, play, cuddles, time and most of all TLC. Thank you for all the extra time in being there to help and keeping our services private with individual loving and stimulating care. 
In memory of loving pooches who we loved and adored while growing up as part of our family---- 'Cuddles' and 'Pal' - if only you were still here to enjoy our extended furry family members and friends.  We wish you were still here with us. Thanks for all the love you both have given us throughout the years. RIP
I would personally like to take this time in thanking all our 2 legged and 4 legged clients for your continued loyalty.  Many things have happened this past year, including my wonderful Mom passing away.  Spending time with your pooches has been wonderfully comforting to me while dealing with the loss. Remember to always make time for your family.  Every moment is precious. :) :)
Dangerous Hazards for your Pet:
  • Table-Scrap Scares
Originally published on December 18, 2008
Sure, you'd like Fifi to share in the joys of the holiday table, but resist the urge to be generous. Foods and drinks you digest easily, like the following, can cause trouble for your pooch:
Dinner rolls -- Dough expands in the stomach, creating distressing gas.
Onions and garlic -- These flavor enhancers contain a compound that could damage a dog's red blood cells, causing anemia.
Rich sauces -- Gravy upsets the stomach and may lead to pancreatitis.
Turkey skin -- high in fat and can cause an upset stomach.
Bones -- Sharp pieces of bone can choke a dog or pierce or block her gastrointestinal tract.
Alcohol -- Even slightly spiked eggnog can be toxic, so don't leave any drinks unattended.
Chocolate --  Very toxic for dogs.
Tinsel -- Choking hazard.
Other Hazards -- Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, wires, anti-freeze, magnets, string, aluminum foil, toys, salt on the sidewalk and on roads, snow -  can cause matting on fur and between pads on their paws, being too cold. Paw balm or boots are available at pet stores to help protect sensitive pads.
Wasps and Bees -- Some dogs suffer with severe allergic reactions while others not so much.  Be on the alert and keep your pooch close while walking them giving you added control in case a wasp or bee is close.
Medication -- Some of us may forget to leave a bottle of medicine lying around.  Rest assured if your pooch or kitty is eager enough they might just be able to chew through the bottle.  Always remember to keep medication high and away from your pooch or kitty's reach.  A medicine cabinet is the best place to store your meds.
Good things for your Pooch. :-)
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("Tender Loving Care")
Please help a pooch/kitty/animal in need and donate to your local animal shelter or OSPCA in your town.  Every contribution helps.
Local Pet Stores in the Newmarket Area:
  • Global Pet Foods
  • Petsmart
  • Pet Valu
Local Animal Shelter:
  • Please support and donate any pet supplies, beds, leashes, collars, food, treats, etc. to the OSPCA located on Woodbine Avenue off Davis Drive or the nearest animal shelter located in your area.