*Petsitting & Dog Walking with lots of Tender Loving Care* - Dogs,Cats*Daily or Occasional Walks*Holiday Care
Dog walking, Puppy visits, cat sitting, Any Petsitting
(Dogs, puppies of any size, cats, as well as other small caged animals ie. bunnies, hamsters, birds, etc.) 
Daily dog walking, mid-day breaks, occasional visits, puppy visits, kitty visits and Vacation and holiday care all in the comforts of your own home. Special rate for more then one dog from same household.
Space is very limited as we do not over-book.  We apologize in advance if you do contact us and we are currently already booked.  Your contact information will be kept on file when space becomes available.
All Daily Dog walking visits include or as required by you....
*  leashed walking in your neighbourhood for relief
and exercise, no dog parks for your dogs safety.
*  group walks available within your neighbourhood.
*  feeding,
*  forest walks available only if your furry pal resides within walking distance of one.
*  providing fresh water,
*  bringing in newspaper/flyers garbage bins from curb
*  pick-up mail
*  giving medication, if required, 
*  playing, cuddling, lots of TLC. (tender loving care) 
*  brushing as per your request,
*  giving yummy treats always given,  
*  clean-up of any messes, paw clean-up, please provide a towel
*  'Basic' training always encouraged during all walks
*  daily journals/communication and other added perks all offered for that personal touch. TBA during our interview.
Vacation care in your home:
*  3 to 4 visits a day as per your request. From small to large sized dogs. Same as above... mail pick-up, watering plants within moderation, (shoveling snow/sur-charge may apply), alternating lights/drapes, and other services also available and included for these visits. (please see below for details) (Please note that we do not sleepover for this service and your dog should feel comfortable being on his/her own during the overnight hours)
  • For vacation care from your home please e-mail for more information and to request a visit.  
  • Home care available also. Cutting the grass, shoveling concierge service.(surcharge will apply)
  • The person you meet with is the person who visits. No surprises.  Back-up is currently available for the occasional sick day or vacation.
  • 30 minutes - occasional 45 minutes (time goes by fast when your having fun.) not overbooking allows staying those extra minutes.  Duration of time depends on you and your pooch's needs. No extra charge for those extra minutes.
Puppy visits: 
at your place (up to 1 year) for your new bundle of joy. This service includes the same as above  If you require more than one visit, please let me know and I will accommodate you. (at least 2 visits during the day is usually recommended when training). Please call for an accurate rate.  All required vaccinations are required, including the rabies shot.  Crate training is one of the best ways to train your pup.  Guidance and basic training during this stage always included.
Kitty visits:
feeding and providing fresh water, playing, brushing, clean of litter, light vacuuming in and around kitty living area, certain items mentioned above.
Gas surcharge may apply in certain areas outside of the Newmarket area.  Bookings are dependant to current availability servicing areas outside of Newmarket.  Please email.
Click on: e-mail us to request a visit for an affordable rate  which caters to you and your pooch's needs. (Please mention your location, breed, number of days required, quantity of dogs if more than one, and age of pooch and your e-mail address).
All Statutory holidays and their weekends inclusive, together with the following days
are subject to a Holiday Surcharge...
December 24 - (right through to) January 2nd, Good Friday,
Easter weekend, Easter Monday, Mother's Day/weekend,
Father's Day/weekend , March Break/weekend(s), Victoria Day/weekend, Canada Day/weekend, Civic Holiday/weekend, Labour Day/weekend, Thanksgiving weekend,
Halloween, Family Day/weekend (if its during your extended holiday), all weekends
during the Spring and Summer months please add $10.00 per visit.
Closed - Family Day. (after all... your pooch is part of your family)
A Gas surcharge applicable for any vehicle transportation of
your pet.
The above-noted days are all subject to availability, inclusive of back-up help.
Make a reservation: (Please mention your location, breed, number of days required, quantity of dogs if more than one, and age of pooch).
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Things to Know...
  • for vacation care, please keep your pooch's diet consistent for at least 2 weeks prior to our home visit to avoid stomach upset from a new food which can cause diarrhea.  Further, please provide the same food as what they have been regularly eating.
  • 24 hour notice is recommended for home visits from September 15 - April.
  • 1-2 weeks notice required for vacation care during May - September 14 and any statutory holidays.
  • for new pooches, please e-mail us 1 week in advance to set up an interview prior to your outing.
  • care for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, bunnies, etc.
  • Your Pooch n' Mine reserves the right to make changes to this web-site throughout the year with updates on rate changes, & services.
  • (mid-day walking breaks currently provided for pooch customers located in Newmarket only.
  • Your Pooch n' Mine does not overbook services so please check for availability.
  • An interview to meet you and your pet is required prior to any pet-sitting services.  This also helps you and your pet get to know us and feel comfortable and at ease giving you added peace of mind while you are at work or on a vacation.
  • A pet information document will need to be filled out after the interview for our records.
  • All vaccinations/rabies shots will be required.
  • A Gas surcharge applicable for any vehicle transportation of your pet.
  • Best time to contact us is Monday-Friday